I was looking through the tags and considering some edits (not yet suggested), when I noticed that two tags, and , looked very similar.

They both seem to be about elements that exist in more than one religion, though seems to be more focused on elements that are shared between religions.

Do these tags share the same purpose, or are they different? If the latter, then how are they different?

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    I mean, the site has only been around for a few days. Probably someone created one of the tags, and then someone created the other tag without noticing that the former existed. I proposed they be synonymized, which ought to happen after we get pro tempore moderators.
    – senshin
    May 3, 2015 at 0:17

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I know I created with one of my first questions; one week later, I now think is a better tag.

Also, all questions here are about Mythology, there is no reason to have an extremely long tag name just to include the word mythology. For these reasons, I support @senshin's synonym-request and think we should use as the target.

The tags have been merged.

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