What tag should we use for questions about the Beowulf epic, or about the Kalevala? There appear to be no such questions yet, but I hope somebody will try to ask good ones soon.

Suggestions from chat are: or ; and or respectively.

Update: should we tag Beowulf questions with as well? That tag already exists.


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Considering the precedents of , , and , I see no reason why Beowulf shouldn't be given its own tag at this stage. Myth.SE may decide later to not use individual tags for each work, but for now at least there's no harm.

Additionally, questions on the topic can be tagged or , with the latter two being synonyms. Whichever direction we eventually go with should be consistent with a decision on the vs situation.

Basically, IMHO we don't have to limit ourselves to one tag. Someone browsing English mythology questions could very reasonably be also interested in Beowulf related questions.

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