What are this site's thoughts on doing topic challenges? It would help encourage questions on the site and attract new users. I also think it would be interesting for already established users, encouraging people to explore myths or pantheons they haven't read about.

Since this seems to have decent consensus, I have started a new post to collect ideas for topic challenges: Ideas for topic challenges. Please contribute your thoughts!


Yeah, we totally should!

Topic challenges are awesome. They'll attract more attention the site, encourage more questions and activity, and also just be plain interesting. We can also use them to encourage questions about seldom-asked-about topics. If there's sufficient agreement, I can start a thread to collect ideas for topic challenges.

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    Go ahead you have my unconditional support. that said I have no clue what this is... See how my support is fancy XD – Gibet Aug 11 '17 at 17:45

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