When answers have been deleted by SE, I gained points.

Twice, when I deleted my own answers because others expressed a problem with my answers, I lost 8 points each time.

I'm not concerned about the points, but curious as to the reason for such a high negative consequence for deleting my own posts as opposed to waiting for mod deletion.

I've read the Q&A on deletions, but didn't find an answer.

How did Princess Argyro lose her breast?


Any reputation change you receive from a question or answer is reversed when that post is deleted, unless the post was

  1. At least 60 days old.
  2. At a score of 3 or more.

None of your deleted posts had net scores of more than 0. Here are your three answers:

Reputation changes from deletion don't depend on who deletes the answer. And it isn't punishment - it's simply the lack of the reward you received when your answers were upvoted.

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    Ah. I didn't see any points on Princess Argyro when it was deleted and didn't recall a +1 ever having been given, so was confused. In the future, I'll trust the 'points wizard'. Thank you for your time to research and explain. It was very helpful, and I did think it mattered who deleted.
    – tblue
    Oct 1 '17 at 1:09

It's the way Stack Exchange works. You delete a post, all net reputation from it is cancelled. So if one deletes a question with 5 upvotes and 2 downvotes, he loses 22 rep.

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    5uv = 50. 2dv= -4. Wouldn't +46 be lost and -4 gained on deletion, so total loss is the 50 points? If I'm now seeing this correctly, you don't "lose" exactly - you end up where you started before writing the post that got deleted. A 'null and void' process. Or am I still in the dark?
    – tblue
    Oct 1 '17 at 1:34
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    Questions give 5 per upvote.
    – bleh
    Oct 1 '17 at 3:19
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    Ok, found the Help area on Qs. Haven't asked a Q yet (too busy bleeding over answers <s>). Thanks, I see where your answer came from now.
    – tblue
    Oct 1 '17 at 4:54

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