I like to write the tag descriptions (though I still have to get them reviewed). I was just doing that and I saw bigfoot. I right click to open the new tab. I go over and see no questions with the bigfoot tag. Why is this tag here with no questions tagged?

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    Let me borrow this to make a tangential note on tag excerpts. This is addressing everyone not singling out the OP, by the way: please stop submitting or approving edits that are a copy paste of another source, such as Wikipedia or a dictionary. Also, tag excerpts should describe when and what kind of questions to use the tag on. Lengthier descriptions of what the word in the tag name means, should go into the tag wiki, not the tag excerpt. – Semaphore Mar 26 '18 at 3:33

Where did you see that? is not listed under our tags page. It is actually a tag synonym of , so all questions tagged with it are automatically retagged as the latter.

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