My family tells a series of folklore tales. Specifically in this case:

  • Bloody Bones
  • The Welcome Stretcher
  • Maul Tail

I am curious as to if they have a deeper seeded (seated?) origin.

If these tails exist outside of my family tree, I feel that they would be American Folklore, but no such tag exists.

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Yes, folklore is definitely on topic here. Please feel free to ask these questions at your convenience.

Whether a tag should exist is a potentially more tricky question. Conceptually speaking, tags should exist if they are useful. In this case, since most of our content concerns mythology, a search for american or america would be inundated with those results instead of modern American folklore - good example where tags would be helpful. On the other hand, other countries from the Americas (the continents) might well have a cause to object if the whole tag is appropriated for only the United States.

Thus, I suggest naming the tag , by way of analogy from .

In any case, you will be able to create new tags at 150 reputation.

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