This question caught my attention:

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Which is asking about the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis, a pseudo-science hypothesis, positing that mythological beings (in this case the Anunnaki, a group of Mesopotamian deities), are in fact extra-terrestrials. Fun in movies sometimes, but not usually all that academically interesting.

Should this sort of question be considered off topic?

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Off-topic because it's not about mythology, it's about pseudo-science.

Of course, the title of the question "who were the Anunnaki according to Sumerians' tales", is on-topic. But if you click through you realise the question is bad:

  • The question can be easily answered as a general reference
  • The OP is asking about an alternative, pseudo-scientific explanation, which is not mythological

If the question was asking about whether Thor was an alien (because Marvel), it would be off-topic fo the same reasons.

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