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Are cryptozoology questions on-topic [duplicate]

In a sense, many cryptozoology stories seem to be close to mythology - some have supernatural angle (yet, admittedly, not all or even not most). And the "real, ontopic" myths themselves are full of ...
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Who should our moderators be?

It maybe a bit early, but it is something definite to start thinking about. From the Moderator Pro Tempore blog: About a week into the public beta, we will seek out members who are deeply ...
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Should we include folklore?

There is a question here on Meta on what is the distinction between folklore and mythology. The same question was raised on Area 51 Discussions before this proposal went into private beta. I'm ...
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Is scientology on topic here?

I'm asking this in response to this question - are questions relating to scientology on topic here at mythology.SE?
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How should we decide if a religious question belongs here or on <Religion>.SE?

Exactly what it says on the tin. How and where should we draw the line between religious questions and mythological questions? For example, here are three questions talking about Adam and Eve and/or ...
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Are questions about the relationship between History and Mythology on topic?

So I asked this question: Clearly, the Trojan War and the Iliad in particular are squarely within the realm of ...
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Let's create a canonical definition of mythology

This site has existed for two weeks, and we've had numerous discussions about defining our scope (most of those discussions have addressed small portions of the scope -- e.g. "is greek mythology on-...
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At what point is a question out of scope as being too centered around 'practice'?

The question Are Pastafarians required to always be dressed as a Pirate when discussing their religion? was closed as off-topic. What I can gather from the comments on the question and the meta ...
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Where should we draw the line for werewolf and vampire questions?

I just noticed that Are vampires and werewolves on-topic? is closed as a duplicate of Should we include folklore?. A comment below points out that if folklore is going to be on-topic, then vampires ...
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What should be the defining cutoff for when something is mythology?

There has been a lot of controversy in Meta and chat about what is and what is not on topic as far as fictional sources, religions, and whatnot. Should we allow tags for external media? Are fictional ...
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Are these Christmas questions on-topic?

It's the holiday season, and this year we've had a slew of christmas-themed questions: Are There Pagan Roots of Christmas Traditions? Why do we kiss under the mistletoe? Why do Ethiopians play gena ...
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