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2 answers

Should there be a Canaanite tag?

I asked a question today about Canaanite mythology and was surprised to discover there was no Canaanite tag. Is there another tag that I missed that covers this or should there be a new one?
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Are American legends on topic and should there be a tag?

My family tells a series of folklore tales. Specifically in this case: Bloody Bones The Welcome Stretcher Maul Tail I am curious as to if they have a deeper seeded (seated?) origin. If these tails ...
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Can we please update the help center to avoid scaring away people interested in folklore?

Currently, the page "What topics can I ask about here?" in our help center is worded in a way that turns away people who are interested in questions about folklore. The phrase "Folklore is on-topic" ...
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3 votes
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Can we replace the gods tag?

Right now the current description for the gods tag is: For questions about beings with superhuman powers, closely tied to a specific property and worshipped by ancient people. Let's ignore the ...
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13 votes
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Should we rename the site to "Mythology & Folklore Studies"?

You may or may not be aware of this, but there is an academic field called "folklore studies". I've been reading up on the field, and I think renaming the site to "Mythology & Folklore Studies" ...
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