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What sources should be used for answers to questions about Scientology?

Some parts of Scientology are on topic. We currently have one question about it, though two others along different lines were asked (and were deleted). It seems like a viable topic. I'll quote ...
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How "academic" should we be?

I'm pretty new to StackExchange, so I apologize if this has been answered. I saw that on the Wiki academic books and articles are mentioned as good sources, and "encyclopedias" are not, yet many of ...
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What are good sources when answering questions?

When answering questions, we often need source material. I read a lot of mythology as a child, but I don't always have these texts at hand, and often they were re-tellings of the stories aimed at ...
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Should Wikipedia be allowed as a reference? [duplicate]

Ask anybody involved in academia and they will tell you without hesitation that Wikipedia is not a valid source to reference in an academic article. While I understand that SE is much like Wikipedia (...
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