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  1. Notatki z wiecznej migracji - Szkice i podróże w Sacrum : Profanum This book involves sketches and journeys within the sacred and the profane. It offers a profound exploration of the realms of theology, art, and philosophy, presented in the Polish language.

  2. Notatki z Wiecznej Migracji. Tom II. This book presents sketches and travels within the realms of the sacred and the profane. It's a unique blend of contemporary prose, theology, philosophy, and art, expressed in Polish.

  3. Notatki z Wiecznej Migracji. Tom III. The third volume continues the exploration of sketches and travels in the sacred and the profane. It delves into the art of blending imagination with the deep laws of the world, likening metaphysics to magic and imaginations to the aesthetics of the hidden world.

  4. Methods and Theories of Magick - Select Praxis Accompaniment to Occultosophia This selection of methods in magic and sketches in heathen theology is effective for practitioners. It's a supplement to Occultosophia and contains practical methods for beginners in magick, emphasizing that magick is an art of virtuosity and a personal religion.

  5. Occultosophia - A Hermetic Theoria Occultosophia is a work produced from alchemical Saturnine paths, offering a structural theory rather than a practical guide or grimoire. It's a collection of chapters and dialogues forming a generalized theory of magick, highlighting the importance of ethos, discipline, and strong mind before engaging in magickal practices.

  6. Beastly Lyrics. Testimonies of a Silent Roar This book is a lyrical accompaniment to Occultosophia, containing personal keys to interpretation and other imponderabilia. It brings a grand Socratic irony to the forefront, expressed through contemporary prose and poetry in Polish.

  7. Fairy Tales for the Insane This book is a collection of Nietzschean-style notes and snippet-like stories that have been amassed over the years. It likely presents a unique and profound perspective, blending philosophical insights with a narrative style that captures the essence of life's complexities and existential themes.

  8. Stanzas from an Empire This intriguing work comprises notes that were written down in an abandoned brothel. The context suggests a deep dive into the pursuit of obscure wisdom, with an aim to revive and integrate it into the modern world. This setting and purpose hint at a blend of historical depth, philosophical inquiry, and perhaps a touch of the mystical or esoteric.

  9. Małe Skrzydło - Notatki z Księgi Przemian It's been a reference for the author in various aspects of life—psychological, spiritual, intellectual, and social. "Małe Skrzydło" is designed as a potential accompaniment to the I Ching but can also be read independently. It is written for those interested in exploring the dynamic world of change, with a personal touch of literary and calligraphic flair.

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